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May You Get Shot This Valentine's Day

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 03:42:58 pm

When Cupid strung his bow and sent love-infused arrows shooting through the air, I'll bet the mischievous little imp had no idea of the drama he created. What pressure! I reckon so many of us feel like crap if we have no beau to shower us with love and kisses on this one day of the year. Commercialism sucks - big companies praying on people's emotions for the sake of a dollar. Maybe if I had a beau to shower me with love, I'd have a different attitude, but that's another story. Lucky for me, I have lots of love in my life and I don't need to receive an expensive, heart-shaped box of luscious, melt-in-the-mouth, rich, Belgian chocolates good enough to qualify as a mouth-fuck to know it.

However, should someone choose to bring me breakfast in bed, after a long, slow night of loving, massage my feet, take me to expensive restaurants for lunch and dinner, whisper sweet nothings in my ear all day about how fantastic I am, give me chocolates good enough to qualify as a mouth-fuck, and follow it all up with another long, slow night of loving, I wouldn't complain. However, I shall probably clip my toenails instead.

I was gonna write about all the fantastic things lovers can do on Valentine's Day in Melbourne, but given you're either single (or cheating on your partner) if you're on this site, don't know that I will. Come to think of it, singles can do most of the same things anyway with their friends, so here goes anyways.

- Eat some of those love-heart lollies we used to eat as kids. Read the messages to your friends, or send them to hot people at Friendsation.
- Grab a bottle of bubbles, hire a boat at Studley Park Boathouse, and cruise down the Yarra River.
- Visit Heidelberg's Heide Museum of Modern Art and take a lazy lounge on the grass under the gum trees.
- Have high tea at Cuppa Cottage in Sandringham, a really cute, old-world style tea house with a great gift shoppe.
- Picnic or have calamari on the beach at Half Moon Bay, Blackrock (Yeah, I know I'm stuck on that at the moment).
- Have a mineral water spa and massage at Dayelsford (Yeah, stuck on that too, and who wouldn't be)

So that us singles arew reminded that the majority of the population doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, I'd like to know what you did on February 14th - even if it was polishing your shoes or de-fleaing your dog 'cos there's nothing wrong with that. Juji x

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