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Dating Down Under...Join Me...Juji x

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:16:18 pm

Well, I hope you guys are all warming up with the new blogs and thoughts on love, life and relationships. Keep those comments coming on in - we love your feedback and opinions and I know you all have something great to contribute. That's what makes life so interesting - behind every single face on the planet is some amazing or fascinating story.

I've been busy consoling a girlfriend whose 4-month relationship just busted up. We've all been through break ups before and we all know it ain't much fun. In fact, waxing your VJ or the hair off your balls is probably more fun. Within four months, my girlfriend had her guy move in, they met the parents, booked the wedding and she was busy designing an oh-so-pretty dress. Talk about a rush. What a head fuck. Don't get me wrong. I'm not putting her down, it's all pretty understandable really. Her experience reminded me of a very valuable lesson - one too easily forgotten when we're in that heady, in-love phase of the first few months of an exciting new relationship. We don't think straight! We're so consumed by our new love, we've got our heads in the distant, fluffy clouds, we're busting with excitement and zest for life, and we hardly eat (who needs it when the sex is so damn good?). We see the world through rose coloured glasses. We're in love with the world and it's in love with us. Yeah, it's a damn good place to be - till you get to really know each other that is.

Not only that, while our body's in the infatuation phase, we're also busy secreting a cocktail of chemicals that are actually happy drugs. These cheery little munchkins with bloody complicated names, like phenylethylamine, dopamine, norepinepherine and oxytocin, swim around our love-struck bodies making us feel high, energetic and extra turned on. With this little love potion bubbling around inside us, it's no wonder some of us decide to have each other's babies before we've really got to know each other. Sure, true love can result and most good relationships started out this way. But remember, when you meet someone who really floats your boat, give it 6 months or more before rushing into things, or it can be one helluva rough storm afterwards. Love to hear your thoughts on the love-struck highs and super hot sex of the first few months of a new relationships. It is, after all, a shitload of fun.

Juji x

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