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Why most TV shows about the islands get canceled

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 09:20:55 pm

Howzit everyone. My girlfriend just bought three seasons of Friends and I began to think, "why isn't there a cool TV show about Hawaii on these days?" Then I thought, more importantly, " why don't TV show slast in Hawaii?". Here's what most people would argue that and then what I came up with as to why this beautiful location just doesn't cut it on TV.
The cost of living is huge. While this is true, there are ways to survive in HI and not spend a ton of money. And every night there is a place you can get your groove, drink, or eat on at a reasonable cost. So I guess this isn't the Hawaii TV show killer.
The real reason Hawaii TV shows don't make it is that people don't want to see Hawaii for what it really is. I work at a University and every year so many first semester students leave because "it wasn't what I expected, after the first month, there wasn't much else to do, it i can't drive like i used to back home." Whatever the excuse, Hawaii, the reality of it is not what people want to see changed. It's only supposed to be that cliche view of Paradise, not something else. All TV shows have lame stories here and there. All cop dramas have the same thing, it's just putting Hawaii in a show, might erase that dream everyone had and in this day and age we all need to cling on to a dream, any dream, especially the dream of paradise.


  1. Hell yeah! This post sounds really good. Reading your blog is useful and interesting. Keep it that way.

    Comment by Sami [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 14:13

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