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808 Edition(al)

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 07:16:27 am

Vol. 1.2

Intro: That's right, allow me to intro-duce myself, my name is J. That's J to the a s-o-n. Kay, enough of that, got the Chappelle stuck on the brain. The skit when keeping it real goes wrong. That gives an idea for the next section...

When Keeping It Real Local Goes All Da Kine Mess Up: Meet Mano. Mano's real name was Manuel but everyone wen call da po buggah Mano. K, anyway, bradah stay all cruising wit his chick wen one notha guy wen give her da look. Mano, coulda just been like, "Yeah das right, das my wahine." Mano could have said dat, den walkaway. But Mano had fo Keep it Real Local. Mano wen stop turn like one full 360, look da guy up and down, and said the deadliest word in all of pidgin... "Wot!!!" Wot po Mano neva know was dis guy had just got out da kine maximum security prison and he wasn't looking at da wahine he was looking at Mano. He started to walk over to Mano. Mano wen puff his chest like one fighting rooster and den make all taran-taran and walked over to da guy. Da otha guy wen false crack Mano, drop um, drop his pants, and bra, wasn't pretty, was so not pretty that I no can even imagine. Anyway, das what happens Wen Keeping It Real Local Goes All Da Kine. Stayed tuned fo next time. Aloooooooooha.

Hogan Know's Best: The Hulkster's line of the show is when his daughter Brooke stay all pissed off cause her younger brother gets away with more than her and she says something like it's cause I'm a girl. The younger brother get is girlfriend over and the Mom finds an empty condom wrapper, etc. it's great. Kay, anyway, Hogan says when she's complaining, "That's because boys can't get pregnant." He then goes on to do a number of things that crack me and I'm sure some of you up. Watch it. It's apparently so good VH1 airs it everyday like three times...

On VH1 and MTV: What I want to know is how do those networks get away with airing the same shows eight times in a row and having marathons everyday. What ever happened to the music. And I gotta say VH1 is a little better these days. I had like this realization that I'm getting old cause I'm in the VH1 is good generation. I remember watching something where they categorized those 25 and older as the VH1 crowd. WTF!!!

On the Moon: That'd be so cool if I was like on a wireless network on the moon. Yeah, right, keep dreaming. Anyway. The moon has been all nuts lately. Stay all yellow just like the moon in Thriller. For those of you that are hunger that is before Michael Jackson's wierdness was publicized. The Pre-Peter Pan Jackson Days. It's still one of the highest grossing album's ever. Shit, there is some more ancient history. I feel like writing blogs ages me, "What do you think Cap'n?"

Outtro: You ever notice that on rap albums there is an outtro? Why? I never heard of Outtroduction? Well this is the end of 1.2, stay irie, drink safely, or even better drink green tea. Aloha.


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