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808 TIMES Vol 1.0

This blog is going to be incorporated into my writings. It is inspired by none other than the man,the myth, the legend. Sam "The Captain" Skelton.

Reality TV Show: Hogan Knows Best. Now Reality TV is actually getting entertaining. Watch Hulkamania run wild on the dates of his kids. Classic. Hulk's daughter Brooke gets asked out by a 22 y/o. She's 16. While talking to the guy, Hulk questions the law about it and the kid replies it only is in place if sex is involved. Hulk called this kid a jabroni from the start. Best part of the show right there. I'll be sure call any jack asses douche bags that try to date my future daughter or daughters.

Irritating song of the moment: As of late I have been subjected to a tremendous amount of horrible songs that just get stuck in my head. The one the irks me the most is that Fanta song. I thought it disappeared like a couple years ago or something. And if it's really from the 70's or whatever why didn't it stay there. No, I don't want a Fanta. Talk about irritating song of the last quarter of the 20th and the early part of the 21st century.

On living in Hawaii: I was watching the OC 16 top ten show and you gotta love when they get local people to talk and you can full on hear the accent. Trips me out. Growing up I was always "wot haole" and it didn't dawn on me until I came college that how different it is that we talk. So yeah, on living in Hawaii, it's pretty solid dat we have our own way of speaking.

On Pop Culture: I was privy to an interesting observation the other day. We were talking stories about the whole Tom Cruise and Scientology when a bystander intervened and said, "I don't give a fuck about celebrities, they aren't any better than you or me. I'd rather just talk to someone." Gotta agree with that. My fondest memories involve good conversations. And my few interactions with celebrities have been less then impressive. Besides in life we are all the stars of our own stories and I think that matters most.

On spirituality: I have a BA in Religion. It is interesting and sometimes I get these real bewildered sometimes "oh no he's going to preach" or the " wtf areyou going to do with that" looks. The follow-up question is almost always "Are you religious?". No I'm spiritual. Being spiritual should not be confused with being religious. I think religion is cool enough but at this point in my life I've come to view it all as one in the same and it is just different ways of the same things. It'd be like if you and I were to watch a movie together. We'd both walk away and explain it differently and be moved by different aspects of it. And if we were asked to summarize the plot, we'd probably both get the gist of it across to our audience in our own way. Point being that I choose to take and learn from all and thus have my spirit nourished in a variety of ways without being confined to one religion. To each his own I suppose, this is what has come to work for me and I'm sure in a few years I should further change. Change is a good thing.

Is someone getting the best of you? This one is inspired by the Foo Fighters. Props to Dave Grohl. My thinking is do your best at all times, then whatever people get is the best of you. Not that that matters, what matters is that you do your best, others' shouldn't impose their best on you to begin with.

Mahalo: God, Krishna, Allah, The One, for this world. All who fight the good fight each and every day. To HNMW for everything, love you(Where does all the time go? I agree). Uncle Sam Dizzle for inspiring this.


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