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Howzit my people. Random Sun has returned for your weekly literary delight. Today we are going to discuss some politics of the Islands. Now politicians anywhere and everywhere. And politics are found within every system that is around. Today my children, we are going to talk about how the Akaka Bill is a slap in the face of Native Hawaiians and other descendants of subjects of the Kingdom.

Now Senator Akaka may have done some great things in his life. And I am sure that he thinks that with the Akaka Bill he is doing something right for the people of Hawaii. Accepting this Bill though, my people, would be taking a step in the wrong direction. Recent efforts by researches have shown that Hawaii never gave up it's sovereignty. Taking a Quasi-Sovereignty as the Akaka Bill suggests would support the notion that Hawaii no longer has it's sovereignty. Hate to break it to those of you who find this notion dubious: has alot of the recent research preaching a new truth, what is reality and not what is in practice.



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