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Super Bowl Reflections

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 05:11:44 am

My people, we have again celebrated one of the unofficial holidays of USA, Super Bowl. While some had mixed feelings about the game, I think I I had a great game experience. I only watched the fourth quarter. Ha ha. I didn't need to sit through the slow first half or the third quarter but instead saw most of the cool plays of the fourth. Try it next year, go to a website for the commercials, and you'll get to spend your day with little traffic and congestion and without the lousy halftime show and god knows what else. Unless... you are really fascinated by who's going to play. Then do the darn thing and pay homage to the football gods.

The sporting event I'm looking forward to is World Cup. The only time I get to see Brasilia run silly ya over the world. It should be a dope tournament. If you're in Hawaii, Magoos, TJ's, Ryans, those are the places you'll want to be to watch sports. Good grinds, good drinks, big TV's

Well, until the next writing, Aloha my people.


  1. What are grinds? Is that food? Go Brasil!

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 02/07/06 @ 16:09

  2. the super bowl was bullshit! how could seattle lose! this is not kewl.

    Comment by lilshawty [Member] — 02/13/06 @ 16:44

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