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March is upon us

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 12:34:38 am

Howzit going me people? You know what time it is... no not Flava Flav, it's March. It's the time of March Madness, St. Patrick's Day, and none other than Spring Break. I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly. I recall excatly what I was doing this time last year. Ok, not excatly but in general, going out, new job, falling in love, missing too many classes. Well, I'm on the prowl again ladies. Hold up, for a new job not for love.

Anyway, if you're in Hawaii, the thing to do will be hitting up bars with TV's, any and all because you'll find a game on for sure. And maybe, Hawaii will make it into the tournament. Ha, right. Anyway, if you're out here, there is going to be all kines of specials to attract viewers, guarans. And the NCAA tournament is some of the best sports to watch by far.

As for St. Patrick's Day, even though I have an ounce or two of Irish, I don't really know of anything to do for the event. I know you're supposed to wear green but aside from like a pin or some green in the clothing, I don't recall ever seeing anyone going off and dressing all crazy like. But eh, you can be the first to get a tradition going and you can bring your friends to join in that tradition each year and thus stimulate our economy over here. Ha. Alright, Spring Break to come in a future blog in addition to the pidgin translator. Shoots den. Aloha my people.


  1. Okat, so what's NCAA?

    Comment by juji [Visitor] — 03/01/06 @ 18:33

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