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Hawaii Dating Scene

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This blog goes out to all of you interested in what the dating scene in Hawaii is like. You know what's interesting about over here is we didn't have dating growing up, we had if you're with them you're with them, end of story, pau, no one else.
This leads to two extremes: the couple that is still together since Jr. High or the individual who is swimming the scene from fish to fish. Somewhere in the middle with tendencies leaning to either side are the people who are together from having met in the young adult years.
So if you're a visitor there is a great chance you will find someone who is unattached. Some good places to start would be at some of the clubs.
Oceans, Pipeline, Mai Tai, Compadres, Dave and Buster's, and Brew Moon are all areas of congregation for young people. Mai Tai and Compadre are more laid back than the other places and a more semi casual attire is the norm. Unless it fits you, I advise against wearing any bright colored aloha shirts.
What's cool about all these places is that beautiful people flock to each for various drink and food specials. It's a great opportunity to network, meet new friends, or maybe something more (handsome, beautiful, freaky, longterm, more in general for sure)
Feel free to email or comment for any specific interests. For the next edition...
Reviews of the Bars Above(and more)
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Mahalo and Aloha to all.


  1. i am laughing about the comment about the bright aloha shirt. i can't say i would be all for the aloha shirt. but what do i know about dating. you are the pimp. not me.

    Comment by heada [Member] — 07/22/05 @ 05:21

  2. My boyfriend spends too much time on websites like this. I hate all those sources! They must be abandoned!

    Comment by bishan [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 14:35

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