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howzit. has anyone senn that commercial where they lump all the holiday celebrations into one word. it kind of reminds me of local culture. for thanksgiving one of my staff was going home and was commenting how they always had sqid luau for thanksgiving in addition to for variations of turkey. god, i love hawaii. only here would you for sure find white rice on the table at the majority family celebrations and no mashed potatoes in some instances.

seeing as how i have not been anywhere else for christmas time, i am left with only entertainment and imagination as to how christmas is elsewhere. while, i'm sure it's great, how can you beat our melting pot culture, the random food, and in some instances snow on one of the mountains. that's right, there's snow for those of you who don't know. while it usually pops up around late january or early february, if it's cold enough it may hit december. so come on down, island hop, hit the beach, stay far away from the malls cause they are crowded and enjoy yourself. if not, have fun doing what it is you do in your own homeland and come for new years. the new years boat cruises are tight and the food is awesome. a must try. aloha.


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