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Back to life, Back to Reality

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 11:38:15 am

Aloha my people. I am back to life, back to reality, well as much reality as living and working at a University in Hawaii can have. Let me just give you all some of the not so fun details of my life over the past few weeks which have kept me from satisfying the needs of you, my people, and I apologize for that, but fear not, I am here once again for your blog reading pleasure.

First, I have been sick. Went to the doctor, diagnosed with various hypertension, eat better, destress, etc. etc. which is causing, a friend of mine would argue, for psycho-somatic conditions in me. Anyway, my immune system was not doing so great so I went got the meds and all that and alakazam I'm healthier. But while there I said, "Eh, what's up Doc?" No I didn't say that, I actually asked about Tai Chi as a way to manage stress and he told me to go to talk to a counselor. So I was like ok, I just want to know about Tai Chi but sure.

So I go to the counselor who is located in Behavioral Medicine and I'm like great. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting because he went over in his other appointment so he comes out and gets me and I'm left in his office for another five minutes to sit on the couch, yep, there's a couch folks, and stare at the fishes. So eventually he comes back and hits me up with the will not disclose disclaimer unless you're a detriment to yourself or society so I'm like, wow, all this for tai chi.

But that conversation went well, I was discharged with the advice of find a new job or move to the mainland cause son you need a change. And I was just kinda like, yeah, that's what I thought, but still what about tai chi. So I've been in hiatus due to health reasons and want you all to know I'm back, I missed you and stay tuned because we're going to have some pidgin 101 coming up so you can find out the pressing translation to grinds and choke and solid and ho bra and a slew of other local terms. K den, until a couple days from now, aloha.


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