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808 Edition(al)

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Vol 1.1

On restlessness: I think the anticipation of the upcoming semester and training has me up. Either that or it's my fucked up sleep schedule. Probably a combination of both. I just know I'm not tired. This is the first time I've watched the morning sky in I don't know how long. I've always been a sunset fan but could get used to this...

Why the movies this summer aren't so entertaining: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dukes of Hazard, Bad News Bears, Herbie, even War of the World's are all remakes or old ideas resurrected. What's going on? If I was all buss I might think I was at a video rental place instead of a theatre. Most stories have a common theme but the same story. Maybe I'm just getting old...

Why Southern Rap is awesome... Southern Rap has always been a huge hit amongst my friends and I. On the one hand you got Outkast that is phenomenal and different everytime out. Then you got Ludacris and TI who are pretty catchy. Then you got the plain old I can rap about anything rap and still make millions. Sometimes it's ridiculous. I remember writing my own version of Juvenile's "Ha" was I was younger:

"I just woke up,ha, had to make a wee wee and brush my teeth teeth, ha. You think I'm joking, ha, you do it to, ha, that's right, ha, if you ain't aware I done rhymed it all back to ha."

Southern Rap... something good, something bad, something horribly catchy, a little sumpthin sumpthin fo all y'all playah's and playettes.

Procrastination. I'd like to know if there is something in DNA that when you hit a certain age you just start to procrastinate. I remember being able to read, play basketball, go out, play video games, and do all homework when I was little. Now it's like I do it all in three hour spans at a time, the other 21 hours are devoted to other ventures. What if life was like the movie Gattaca where the DNA was perfectly crafted? I'd make sure my kids didn't procrastinate. We all joke about it and whatnot and how we get the shit done anyway but seriously procrastination is a pain in the ass. Will I do what I need to have done after writing this. Nah, I think I'll eat or finally get to sleep.

Shameless Promotion of Random Things: Beer. Sunscreen. The Dollar Movies at Restaurant Row. The sunset. Coke(the drink). (fill in the blank)

For the birds: You ever watched birds fly. Those guys just like dive bomb everything. I had a bird nip my head as it flew overhead the other day. And if they aren't pulling off ridiculous flying stunts, trying to behead you, they are shitting on, at, or near you or your belongings.

Closing: It's ridiculous how the network reports conflict every five minutes. Too many agendas are convoluting the news. If I wanted an opinion from the news I'd read someone's blog. Far more entertaining and know what to expect. Kden, Aloha.


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