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Walls: Climb, Scrub or Leverage for Stand Up Sex?

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 06:16:08 pm

Okay, it's a given that us singles probably dip out a bit in the sex stakes. Unless you're into lots of casual sex, it's easy for things to stagnate in the sex department, you end up climbing the walls, and worse still, even forget what it's like. And I'm of the opinion it ain't healthy. Good sex energises, revives and gets us out of the cerebral states most of us seem to get into. It gets the creative juices flowing. In fact, post-sex is when I do my best writing. So, if you don't have that partner within arms reach when the hormones are running rampant and the urge arises, what do you do about sexual frustration? Those of you who regularly read my blog will know I have an ulterior motive for this particular topic this particular week. I'm looking for answers other than the obvious. Sure, there's porn and masturbation, but I reckon they're ultimately unfulfilling. Casuals are pretty unfulfilling too come to think about it. I decided some time ago to aspire to something much higher, a real, intimate relationship even.

So, here are a couple of suggestions I'm gonna try out this week while I wait for that real, intimate relationship.

I'm gonna exercise myself into a stupor. I'm going to the mountains to climb the biggest hill I can find and climb and climb and climb until I'm so physically and mentally exhausted, I'll collapse into an incoherent, bumbling heap. I figure that way, there'll be no energy left to even contemplate sex.

I'm gonna scrub the shower walls to within an inch of their life. This one's about channelling energy - moving and re-directing it to other areas that can have a productive end result. I'm gonna spray, scrub, rinse, spray, scrub, rinse, spray, scrub and rinse until I collapse again into an incoherent, bumbling heap.

I'm gonna go out and dance my wee toes off. Moving and swaying to music is almost as good as sex. You can let your imagination run wild and no one ever knows the difference. I did it the other night, had a ball and my girlfriend reckons it's better than sex. At that point, I looked her squarely in the eye and go, you gotta be bloody kidding. Yeah, it's great, yeah, it feels good, but it ain't actually quite as good as being thrown up against a wall in a fit of unrestrained passion now is it?

Who the hell am I kidding? Nothing's going to ease the urge quite like sex is. The part of me that's writing this blog is the part that says rise above it, climb, scrub and dance, and wait for the love of your life. Trouble is, the part of me that needs the human touch right now got up in the middle of writing this blog, made me call an old friend and arranged for him to come over at 11.30 am. Here's to unclimbed mountains and unscrubbed, dirty showers - and real, committed, imitate relationships - wherever and wheveva the hell they are! See ya, I gotta go shave my legs. Juji x


  1. Okay, so I'm feelin' better. Any other suggestions, apart from the one I ended up opting for, to tame the beast?

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 06/06/06 @ 15:16

  2. Is there away to tame the sex beast? Personal abstainance is one way , but you will still be thinking about it. Wearing yourself out , probably not, at some point your going to get bored and think about it anyway. Why fight it , go with it , just be carefull which way you go.

    Comment by Beernut [Member] — 06/08/06 @ 07:02

  3. Abstinence is one way - but months of it has you climbing the walls and chewing off your arm.
    I agree that going with it is the best way to go, but do we wait for the love of our life or settle for not-so-fulfilling casual sex in the meantime? Some people go without sex for years - are they abnormal, repressed or do they have some secret I don't know about?

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 06/08/06 @ 13:48

  4. Honestly about those who wait for years or long periods of time are people who don't find that sex is important to fulfill their lives and thats not a big secret really. As for waiting for the love of your life to come sweep you off your feet or just having casual not-so-fulfilling sex , some people never find that perfect love and when they the sex still might not be that orgasmic passion you hoped for but at that time if you find it thats when sex is not so important and for casual sex , I guess that up to you and how important that sex is to you. Sex is like a drug , once you find that one great rush , you hope to find it again and again.

    Comment by Beernut [Member] — 06/09/06 @ 04:59

  5. How's the FATAL ERROR on the Blogs Homepage. God, dramatic computer language pisses me off. They do it on purpose to get you in a screaming panic, make you feel like you're just blown up the world or something, and then make you rush out to get it repaired. Another one that shits me is ILLEGAL OPERATION. Unless I'm throwing my computer through Microsoft's office window, I'm not doing anything illegal as far as I can tell. And, I may have mentioned this before because this is my pet hate, when you type a sentence fragment (an incomplete sentence 'cos it has no verb), the thing gets underlined and they tell you you've used a 'sentence fragment', by using a friggin sentence fragment themselves the bloody morons.

    Okay...I feel a little better now.

    People who feel that sex isn't important to fulfill their lives have never had mindblowing sex. They just say that it's not important 'cos they're boring as batshit in the sack and are defensive cos they're wondering what all the fuss is about and are secretly wondering if they're missing out. Sex is a lot more than a rush. Parden me for being spiritual (and why parden myself? I don't bloody know). Sex is sacred. So there!

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 06/10/06 @ 04:58

  6. So why do people have sex with people who aren't so sacred? I think the majority of people have sex with someone to leave an imprint, to be recognized. Some even get a publication....( a baby) Thanks for leaving an imprint in me. Thanks. Next time you might want to try cursive, or use some paints......something more creative....not just the one finger type style. WAITA?

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 06/10/06 @ 17:31

  7. but dear I would like to come to the conclusion that you have not got the complete session of having an assignment starting from foreplay till its climax. So howabout having a phone rehearsal with you? If ready ....give me your consent. hugs and regards

    Comment by DINGDONG [Member] — 11/01/06 @ 02:57

  8. you very sexy to me so write back sweetie

    Comment by jerome [Visitor] — 11/14/06 @ 14:49

  9. It sounds good, I love the simplicity. Your posts are easy as a pie and really attractive at the same time.

    Comment by Falls [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 11:11

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