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Vibrating VJs

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 08:33:48 pm

I asked my 16yo niece for some blog suggestions and the first word that came out of her mouth was vibrators. Goes without saying that if we go on a family hol, I ain't sharin' a room with her. Anyhows, it's an interesting one 'cos, while some of you may think I'm pretty open sexually, truth is I have little experience in this area - a situation I may rectify if you guys can fill in the gaps and tell me what all the vibrator fuss is about. I first lay eyes on one when a boyfriend gave me a box, prettily wrapped with cutout love hearts stuck all over it. I thought jewellery, maybe choccies. I opened the box - and screamed. It was so fat, the thought of placing that veiny, rubber tree trunk in my petite vj too much to take. I'm glad to say it didn't go to waste though. I was soon to discover that my then boyfriend made full us of it by vibrating it up his bum. I screamed again!

While I've come some ways since then, it still doesn't do anything for me. I mean, does it come with a set of strong thrusting hips? Does it have a tight set of buttocks attached? What happens if the batteries run out while you're peaking? Do you then throw it against the wall in frustration and let your fingers finish the job, or fumble around the house naked hunting for spares? Now that's an orgasm killer if ever there was one. Okay, I do admit, it is portable, we don't always have a real flesh-and-blood guy at our disposal, and it's probably more reliable than most men despite the battery scenario, but I remain unconvinced.

I'm curious to know what weird and wonderful things people do with them - the more out there the better. If you haven't got a really good vibrator experience, I don't care. Just make it up. Good sex goes hand in hand with a good imagination. I wanna know if guys (like my ex) use them. If so, how? Do they jiggle their balls with them or what? Do you like using them on a chick? Do chicks like guys using one on them? Can one with a really high vibrate level double as a stick blender on pulse? If so, I may consider it for the kitchen.

As for buying one, I ain't about to share my particular preferences with some sleazy dude at the local sex shop. Nor am I going to order one online and have it delivered to my door. How do you chicks buy them? When it comes to sex, I'm fussy. My partner has to be human. Juji x


  1. Try one of those little vibrating eggs.....some of my friends take turns using them.....they work wonders....also, try the shower head. And men do get off from vibrators, more often, back massagers. Dont deny it guys. I see them by your beds all too often.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 05/23/06 @ 14:10

  2. Further explanation on the vibrating eggs please. Share them? Is that hygenic?

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 05/25/06 @ 13:45

  3. Okay, listen here Juji because this is the last week I am going to write pornographically. But, a vibrating egg is a little small vibrator that you can buy at a sex shop, and they are hand held and there is a wire that is connected to a dial so you can turn it up or down....that is hand held also. It is usually in the shape of an egg. Most of the girls I know have one. One girl I knew had three....another girl I knew had different dildos and vibrators in every single drawer. You woludl walk around and look down by your feet and see a big dildo in an empty shoe box...then you would walk to the shelves to pick up a book and uncover a strap on......some girls are crazy. As for the shower heads.....well, I was talking to a girl who said that she used the water spout to get off...I dont know how she does this,use your imagination, and then there are those removable shower heads that you can adjust the sprayer so it sprays harder...or whattever, well some women use those......Please delete this after reading, thanks.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 05/26/06 @ 17:39

  4. If your partner got to be in the least sense human why don't you try theVoodoo Dick...its a dildo that takes orders as you command it....i bet it will be human.....

    Comment by humprammer [Member] — 05/27/06 @ 01:58

  5. Thanks Linz. Don't you love how this blog lets you talk about stuff you usually wouldn't. Shall I delete? Or shall we talk openly without having to be embarrassed? I mostly keep my blog address secret from friends and family so I can write whateva the hell I like. Like my little secret. Why does sex have to be so secret???

    A dildo with ears? How very bloody cool. What sort of commands Hum? You got one?

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 05/27/06 @ 16:51

  6. The whole dildo thing and self gratification thing is fun but lonely. I thing sex toys are way more fun when we can enjoy them together. What great fun chasing a hot babe around the house with a vibrator. What fun! Most women I know keep them locked up or don't admit having them. Thats why I bring my own. Ha Ha. I have the excalibur 5000 with all the attachments. Ladies start your engines.

    Comment by Dudefromheaven [Member] — 05/29/06 @ 09:24

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