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Uber What?

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 11:48:08 pm

What's with the men-cloning labels coming out of the US of late? We've seen Snags, the Meterosexual and now, wait for it, the Ubersexual. This bloke sounds either sterilised, impotent, dickless or like an alien from outer space, and who wants an alien for a boyfriend? Come to think of it, many of them already are. Women don't seem to be attracting labels - and that's 'cos it's the women doing the labelling. We're notorious for analysing a guy to within an inch of his life. "He said 'Um'. What do you think that means?" "He scratched his balls and coughed when I told him I love him. Does that mean he loves me? Or does he have an unnaturally close relationship with his mother? Or maybe he was wishing I was more like his long-lost girlfriend of 25 years ago. What do you think?" "My ex impregnated his new girlfriend and now they're living together in a jointly owned home. But he called me last week. Do you think we're really over?"

While it may seem I'm giving us gals a hard time, I do want to remind you blokes it's 'cos you're such poor communicators in the first place. And just for the record, the Ubersexual who's forcing Meterosexuals to put away their floral shirts and cuticle creams is attractive, dynamic, confident, masculine, stylish and committed to fine quality and excellence in all areas of his life. S'far as I'm concerned, he doens't exist. The chicks who invented him are living in fantasy land. Just in case though, if any of you Aussies know of any bars or clubs where such a rare creature may visit, please let me know. I'd have to go check him out...for research purposes of course.

Rumour has it we're soon going to be plagued with the Heteropolitan - a straight guy who tries to balance bar culture with exercise - what? Juggling beers in between star jumps? I ask you. Juji x

PS. If you insist on knowing more about the differences between the Meterosexual and the Ubersexual, check out the link.


  1. Alex pointed me out to this awhile back on one of Jeds blogs... I date metrossexuals but Alex think they ubersexuals.. I like refined men, men who papmer themselves, look great smell like Burberry all day long... what can Isay?

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/23/05 @ 01:48

  2. Hey Ice, Great to hear from you.Sounds to me like you have great taste. Maybe your favourite guy is somewhere in between as the ubersexual is definitely refined. Most of the guys I know that are seriously into pampering themselves are, unfortunately, gay. Just the other day my best gay friend rang to tell me about a great new moisturiser he discovered. I pick up all my beauty tips from him - he's way ahead of me and it's like having my own personal beauty consultant. It's fab. And you gave me a great idea too - he's getting married in February and a bottle of Burberry, unless he already has it, may be a cool present - though for both of them? Dunno, will think about it some more.

    If a guy goes to a whole lot of effort to always look good, does it put pressure on us gals to always do the same? We can't have them showing us up, that's for sure.

    Juji x

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 11/23/05 @ 03:24

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