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Single Doesn't Have To Mean Lonely...

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 06:22:30 am

Single Doesn't Have To Mean Lonely...

Romantic love is great - there are no two ways about it, but to all you singles out there without a partner at this time of year, please, please, please do not lament. A Singles Website surveyed its members and most of its members listed New Year's Day as the loneliest day of the year, and Christmas Day came in a close second. How positively sad! What are these singles doing with their lives? Are they so hell bent on finding a partner, they don't bother to make great friends? Call it lucky, or maybe because I'm very social, I am single - and I have so many special people around me I can hardly keep up with all the functions and parties going on. My week's been filled with unexpected little pressies, warm hugs from people who mean it and very excited nieces and nephews - and there's definitely a great vibe in the air. There's been dinners, dances, phone calls, and lots of dancing. With all this going on, I reckon I've hardly got time for a partner - although if he did happen to stumble along, I wouldn't knock him back.

Life's happiness doesn't have to depend on a romantic relationship - there's far too much other good stuff to enjoy. If people are feeling lonely, while I really can understand it, maybe it's cos they're too focussed on finding the one true love of their life and haven't left space for all the other fantastic people that can add to their life if they're open to it. Our external life is pretty much a reflection of our inner world, so if you're lonely, maybe you're sending out the wrong message. A person who's warm and happy on the inside will attract great people like a magnet.

So, to all you fantastic single people out there, moping will make you unattractive. Get on out there - there's a whole world waiting for you. And...if you do need someone to talk to, please drop me a line. Juji x


  1. je vue bese

    Comment by gidas [Visitor] — 12/29/05 @ 07:39

  2. My week was filled with unexpected little pussies thanks to your pep talk. Let me know when you are coming to America.

    Comment by XXX [Visitor] — 12/29/05 @ 11:37

  3. Yea, lets all fly to Jupiter together. Lets be the first friends on another planet. Lets make news. Lets screw this place up. Sorry, I am drunk.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 12/29/05 @ 16:34

  4. Goodbye cruel world!

    Comment by Single Person [Visitor] — 12/30/05 @ 11:17

  5. Hey X, great to hear about so many unwexpected pussies popping up - meaow!
    I need a translation on Comment 1 - though it sounds nice
    Linz, hope you're feelin' better
    Sorry didn't get back to you any sooner - I've been busy sunning myself, boogie boarding, drinking, canoeing, and cruising along the Great Ocean Road - it's been awesome. Missed you all though. Juji x

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 01/02/06 @ 15:57

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