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Over To You...Juji x

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:12:41 pm

Hi all you Friendsationers. This week, I'd really love to get to know you. There are thousands of you out there, but I feel I hardly know you. Sure I can look at your profiles and pix, but I'd like to really get to know what makes you tick or, better still, what tickles you, where and why. I have lots of stories to tell, I've lived hard and lived lots, but you guys and gals probably have too, and I don't know that my stories are any more interesting than yours.

So you're sitting there in relative anonymity with your computer screen for company. Is there something you'd like to get off your chest, put down in words? I challenge you to spill your guts. In particular, has anything really juicy happened through Friendsation that you'd care to share?

I keep coming across these success stories in the papers about people meeting online. You know the ones - they met online, travelled to the other side of the planet to check each other out, were dumbstruck the second they laid eyes on each other, and then lived happily ever after. Pretty kewl hey. While I know you wouldn't have had time to have each other's babies yet, I'm curious to know how you're faring in the love stakes on the site. Have you met anyone who does it for you? Someone who tickles you in your most delicious, sensitive spot? Are you working on him or her? Planning to meet? Have you dated? Or maybe you've simply met some nice people you like talking to? Or made some helpful contacts. Whatever. So tell me about you, anything'll do. You can even tell me to get f'd if you want (although the real Kazlan never did - she's cool). Just tell me something.

Let's keep it nice though. If you've got something mean to say about a fellow Friendsationer, it's probably best go tell it to your dog. There's enough misery in the world, let's hear about the good stuff.

So, the stage is yours...Over to you.
Juji x


  1. Hello Juji
    Thank you for kindly replying to my msg and leading me to your page. I found your articles invigorating and I had enormous pleasure in reading them. I find you rather fasinating and intruiging. I love your beauty and zest for life that you radiate. Perhaps this is not the appropriate forum to be flirting with you but so I will bid you fairwell for now. Keep up the great work! from an Australian admirer of your work and beauty.
    Sshmn xxx

    Comment by sshmn [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 18:53

  2. Aw, thanks! Please feel free to flirt away to your heart's's good for the soul and any forum's a good one.

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 10/22/05 @ 05:39

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