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Mr Floatie's Got Me Frazzled!

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 03:03:05 pm

What is it with dudes dressing up as big turds? Has their self-respect gone down the toilet? Mr Floatie (see below) is a community activist who dresses up in a poo costume to protest the pumping of raw sewerage into the waters off Victoria in British Columbia. Worthy cause, I agree, but what I want to know is whether you'd date him and, if so, what you'd tell your parents he does for a living?

People are weeeird, but this character raises quite a few unanswered questions:

Firstly, does he pull your chain?

He obviously likes chicken nuggets, but what exactly does poo-man poo?

Is the stool flexible enough to sit on a stool?

Does everyone evacuate the pool when Mr Floatie's taking a leisurely float?

How come he looks so happy? If I looked like that, I'd be flushing myself headfirst.

Do you reckon the dumb-ass look on his face means he's got shit for brains?

Is the guy in the picture happy about Mr Floatie cuddling him, or is he about to crap himself?

Mr Floatie obviously likes a bit of a surf - gives the term surf 'n' turd (whoops! surf 'n' turf) a whole new meaning... "Er, I just ate, but thanks anyway."

Would you date a walking hamburger, hotdog or sandwich? Where would you draw the line?

How much does a person's job impact on your decision to date/fuck/marry them?

Would you date/fuck/marry a Wiggle, an executioner or a chicken sexer?

Have you dated people with weirdo jobs? My ex's have had pretty straight jobs like chefs, computer programmers, and teachers - nothing to write home about. The chefs did have a particular kitchen-stink about them, but nothing compared to what I imagine Mr Floatie might emanate in the bedroom after a big day out bobbin' around shit.

While it may do something' for Jed, personally, I'd rather eat my own head.

Juji x


  1. heheh ...ok.. I have a good job, I hang out with city council, the mayor, celebs when Im lucky, old socialites and gay men... so appearances are everything... I dont know maybe a really nce guy is hiding out under the turd suit and I may be missing out:
    The turd suit could mean one of a few things:
    1. This guy is sure of himself and dosent give a shit (no pun intended) about what people think...
    2. This guy will do what it takes to make money...that attitutde may one day land him a multi millionaire
    3. THis dude is hard up for a job, he has no education and needs money really bad.
    4. This guy may end up being prez of the free world because of his passion for a cause.
    Would I date him.... Nope.
    Would I hang out with him - (if he takes his costume off yea ... with it on ... nope..
    Would I give him simpathy sex.. no
    If it was Jed under there ... heheheheh ..... I could go so many places with this...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/31/05 @ 23:33

  2. hahahaha. "the man behind the movement" bowel movement...

    Comment by alex2468 [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 16:08

  3. yea I saw that good pun

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 17:28

  4. PS.. Juji Im not gay or nothin but you have a nice rack..hhehe

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 17:30

  5. Gee, thanks Ice...but what's a rack? Is that ribs? 'cos it's a pretty ribby photo

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 18:17

  6. heheh .. no rack is like upper torso.. Its whats above the ribs that Im refering too... seems not so ribby up there lol.. ok Im feeling awkward and uncomfortable.. Im refering to your breasts for heavens sake.. I myself am a 36 D but I am comfortable in my sexuality to admire other people's ... Its penis' that I dont find very "pretty" heeheh

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 19:37

  7. Hey, after I had a re-look at my photo, I thought maybe that's what you meant. Der...on my part! Cool, thanks for the compliment. They are pretty outstanding in that photo.

    You've never seen a beautiful cock??

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 20:04

  8. not one that would make me remark "wow what a beautiful cock" as in look wise... now feel wise I've had a beautiful cock, cocks are just not beautiful to look at - are they? I mean they are just ... cocks ...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 20:14

  9. Ive seen beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, nice legs, a nice rack, knobby knees, a nice ass, but not a beautiful cock...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/03/05 @ 20:15

  10. I reckon it's usually attached to someone you love, or someone that makes you feel great

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 11/05/05 @ 17:39

  11. yea ..this is true although I have not viewed a penis in quite awhile except the other night when I went through some old porn tapes.. it was gross

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 11/05/05 @ 22:26

  12. Oh... Your blog used to be nice, but now it's spoiled. Stop posting trash like that or stop posting at all.

    Comment by Biddy [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 14:43

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