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I'll Have What She's Having...Twice!

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 01:34:16 am

Did you know that Brazil has a national Orgasm Day? We should all move there I reckon. What a great way to elevate sex to the status it deserves and not keep it all quiet and under the there's an idea. Where was I? My imagination's running away with me....Mmmm...A fireplace... a great bottle of red...the man of my dreams......I'm all-a-tingle. Blog! Blog! Write your blog! A small town northeast of Rio De Janeiro declared May 9 (I can't wait...only 50 days to go, but who's counting?) official Orgasm Day. Yay and hooray!

What I wanna know is, why is it designed to improve relationships between 'married' couples. I was so elated about the Orgasm Day idea 'cos it's so liberated, so open-minded, so new millennium, and then they go and restrict it to married couples. No matter, I'm gonna ignore that bit. Orgasms are not the sole privilege of the wedded, nor should they be restricted to involving two people. We all know damn good orgasms can be a solo affair. Variety is the spice of life. And speaking of spices, imagine if we had only one type - say turmeric. How boring would the world be without cumin, curry and chilli? While I'm all for good, committed marriages and turmeric, us singles have the added pleasure-producing advantages of choice and variety.

Orgasm Day celebrations include a series of panel discussions by sexologists and a presentation of Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues." While that's all well and good, HOW BLOODY BORING! Perhaps all of us Friendsationers can make it a tad more exciting by planning for May 9 from now and ensuring we have as many, multiple and magnificent orgasms lined up for that day as possible. Talk about it with your friends, contact ex's if necessary, find new potential orgasm partners ideally. If you've got no one lined up, don't despair and go solo. Here's to cumin, curry and chilli.

I reckon if I suggested a National Orgasm Day to our PM, John Howard, those conservative eyebrows would knit together in a disapproaving frown that would never untangle.

What is it about orgasms that makes them so damn good?


  1. It is a natural high...and the ability to really connect with someone.

    Comment by nwgirl38 [Member] — 03/20/06 @ 20:49

  2. Hi what would you think of this service ?

    Comment by Wow Waiters [Visitor] — 03/21/06 @ 10:01

  3. U are in Ireland...a bit far for Juji or me. Of course in LA there are tons of "Wow Waiters" serving up eye candy daily.

    Comment by nwgirl38 [Member] — 03/21/06 @ 10:59

  4. I reckon orgasms release all this pent up shit we carry inside. If we had more, maybe therapists would go out of business.

    Having spent years in hospitality earlier on in my life, Wow Waiters would do it for me - something about what lies behind the apron. We haven't got them here in Oz. Now there's an idea and I'd have soooooooo much fun in the process of setting it up. Interviews would take place in my home - naturally, and maybe I'd even practice a little "therapy".

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 03/21/06 @ 13:15

  5. PS. The photo above is really cool, but you need to copy and paste it and then enlarge it to really appreciate it. Check it out. Juji x

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 03/21/06 @ 13:17

  6. Orgasm day for me involves eating crawfish and drinking beer.

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 03/22/06 @ 19:20

  7. He has risen! You're a sadly deprived individual. While I can see that crawfish (or crayfish as us more dignified Aussies call it) may come close (at a stretch), beer just don't cut it. You're not doin' anything strange and unbecoming with your stubby are you? Which reminds me, how do two-people orgasms compare with solo ones and, if we stretch the imagination even further, with ones stimulated by objects (stubby necks, particularly with cap still on, excluded please)

    Comment by Juji [Visitor] — 03/22/06 @ 20:21

  8. I had a pet Crayfish once... I named him Lenny Cravitz.. I didn't realize I was supposed to eat him to achieve an orgasim?

    Comment by ThisGirlKnowsAll [Member] — 03/23/06 @ 19:41

  9. Well well looks like you and I should get together...we could have mutual self-pleasure....and more...if we get along well after that...the test is always the morning after...or should i say...the days and weeks after...that tests what true self-pleasure is all about. :)

    Comment by Jimmi1 [Member] — 04/18/06 @ 10:54

  10. My boyfriend spends too much time on websites like this. I hate all those sources! They must be abandoned!

    Comment by Lightening [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 12:44

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