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Big Balls...Small Brain...Mmm...

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 08:02:20 pm

Okay, so some folks with little else to spend their time and money on have just carried out a study on bat's balls and brains. Yeah...I ask you. Basically, they found that the bigger the balls, the smaller the brain and vice versa. If the findings apply to humans (and I dunno they do given we usually don't hang upside down in trees, it could explain a lot about the male species. Kind of grounds the expression Dumb Fucker in science. Apparently, there's a biological trade-off between brains and sperm. We already knew men are a bit limited, but this seems to confirm there's only so much good stuff to go round. They can't have both. Given the choice, which would you choose? A guy whose fertilisation capabilites were high, or one who could talk to you very intellectually about it?

A guy I 'know' definitely proves the theory right. His massive scrotum was accompanied by a pea-sized brain. To illustrate, once, in the throws of passion (or so at least I thought we were), he said, "I gotta pick up some spuds for tonight's roast lamb on the way home". Okay, so having sex with me reminds guys of spuds (potatoes)? Is that good? Is it fucked? He then confirmed his minuscule brain size when we were trying to talk about books, and he said, "I nearly finished reading a book - once." From that point, I decided sex in utter silence was the only way to go.

A little research on the topic uncovered a guy with gigantic, elephant-sized balls, who used to delight in dropping them into the hole in front of you when playing pool. This further proves the theory right, 'cos only a dumb-arse would unleash enormous, hairy testicles on a poor, unsuspecting public.

And what about chicks? Is there a possible relationship between brains and boob-size? Given I was lucky enough to get both (but I did want to be two inches taller), that must mean the theory only applies to men, and women are without such biological limitations.

Do you know of anyone with no brains and no balls? (Possibly a mutant). Or more balls than brains? And what about penis size compared to brain size (gives Dickhead a whole new meaning)? Feel no pressure to limit the discussion to scrotums - they ain't that pretty. Juji x


  1. Hi Juji. What's going on? People are coming on here and saying awful things. I think it is terrible. I would never tell you to F'off. I agree with you Juji... If someone has something bad to say you take it somewhere else buddy!

    Comment by KZalan [Visitor] — 12/16/05 @ 10:57

  2. Just re-read my blog and was (again) blown away by someone talking about potatoes when he was meant to be whispering romantic meandering in my ear. How pedestrian! What's the weirest thing someone has said to you while making love?

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 12/16/05 @ 15:33

  3. OH, JUJI!!!...

    Comment by KZalan [Visitor] — 12/18/05 @ 13:47

  4. Now, that's more like it

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 12/18/05 @ 16:14

  5. hey, jus read ur article bout guys and i kinda disagree coz my boyfriend has got man sized balls but he's still really sweet and thoughtfull and strangely he's quite intelligent. he he! cya x x

    Comment by sexykitty26 [Member] — 12/20/05 @ 09:10

  6. Comparing to what I’ve read about this before, it sounds absolutely impressing. I’m an old internet user, and have read a lot about this kind of stuff, but what I read here today is absolutely different.

    Comment by jorah [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 11:28

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