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Twin Vision

Filed under: Posts — jwallis @ 12:40:18 am

Brangelina continues to make headlines with the fact that she will be having a pair of offspring soon (looking at her size, I HOPE it's soon... the woman is about to explode). This is a news story because having two babies at once is such an unmeasurable feat that it amazes me her body can stand it. Its not like millions of sets of twins are born everyday you know...

This is a story because they are the beautiful people. I'm not sure who in their right mind cares about the $40 million nursery that pretty much guarantees that the children will get their asses kicked at any public school they go to. Yes the stories keep coming, meaning either the media outlets are desperate or the public is not in their right mind. Or both.

Show me birth photos. Until then, I don't need a play by play. She's knocked up. She has the babies, story over. Leave it at that.

Meanwhile, Britney has disappeared from the headlines for a week. Unless you count Which I don't. From important headlines, she has been absent, and I say good for her. We don't need to hear every detail of everything she does. Privacy is not dead people, and she didn't sign it away that much...


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