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Law Suits and Banana Hammocks

Filed under: Posts — jwallis @ 11:54:24 am

I was trying to refrain from blogging about Borat because the entire concept of the movie is racist and offensive. But it's the number one movie for the second straight week, so I have no choice but to leave a few thoughts on it.

I am not going to talk about the movie. I'm going to talk about the people who have stepped forward in the last 2 weeks since the movie first was released and sued Sasha Cohen because they were misled into signing a contract that basically said "make an ass of yourself and we will give you $400, as long as you don't sue us afterward. I speak of the "frat boys" who got drunk and spoke negatively about Jews, women, and other minorities. Now they claim defamation and loss of their good reputation.

First of all, they are frat boys. Their "good reputation" consists of winning a keg tapping contest and scoring with sorority girls that no one else has been able to touch. Basically, keeping in line with what they did in the mockumentary.

But lets pretend for a second they do have a legit case. Where was it when the film was in post production? Hell, where was it THE NEXT DAY!?? Had the movie flopped, they probably would have thought nothing of it and gone on their way. But it didn't flop. People want to make fun of Arabs now because they are frickin sick. And as a result, Cohen is rolling in money and these two kids, who willingly got drunk, make complete idiots of themselves and now feel they are entitled to their piece of the pie.

Face it children, your 15 minutes was over the second the curtain dropped and the audience started leaving. You won't win this case because you signed the contract and you accepted the money. Move on with whats left of your "defamed" life and get over it.


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