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Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 04:48:19 pm

when you get your heart broken you should never let them walk all over you. Kinda hard for me, he calling me names and other shit, now here i am trying not to cry but i guess my life was ment for this. so please dont let anyone break your heart.


  1. i know how you feel i've been through the same thing people always think they can wanlk over me becuase they think that i wont do anything but it is true becuase i don't like to fight unless i have to becuase the girl are the ones always walking over me becuase no one wants to give mee a chance becuase all the girls want here in laredo is guy with looks but there the ones that end up hurting them and when they have have problems they come to me asking what they should do and i tell them the truth and do they take my advice no they don't and they end up worse than they were in the beginning and in the end run they were the girls that i liked and in the end they come to me asking me out and i say no becuase they were the ones hurting me in the beginning

    Comment by NICEGUY18 [Member] — 08/11/05 @ 18:02

  2. okay, this is kind of a response to a couple of things you said.
    i totally understand what you mean about your heart being a puzzle. that's cause every time you fall for someone, you give them a piece, and when they hurt you, they not only keep their hearts to themselves, but they keep the piece that YOU gave them too. and the more this happens, the more incomplete you puzzle feels.
    niceguy, you're exactly right. for some reason, most girls typically fall for the bad guy whether they think they are or not. they have us nice guys to cry to when they get hurt...but when they heal, who do they run back to? YOU KNOW WHO...not us.
    I've had so many girls tell me, "i wish i could find someone like you." well, you're not going to find anyone more like me, THAN ME!!! well, i've got a theory. maybe the girls go for the bad guys, cause bad guys have more balls than good guys. maybe good guys always get hurt because that's what we're used to. life's mystery, i guess. well, i don't know about you, but i'm going to put my puzzle away for a little while, and hit the gym. eventually, we'll meet someone who, instead of giving OR taking...wants to SHARE their pieces with you.

    Comment by basscleff [Member] — 08/12/05 @ 15:44

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