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just a stupid poem

Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 12:00:29 pm

how does it make you feel when i close my eyes?
holding on so tight when i know weakness fells your heart
i know your holding head high
as i close my eyes again praying that my life will not give up
my fears fall hard like rain
my life is not a promise, it was a mistake
as i close my eyes
i know this voice is pulling me down
how does it make you feel when i'm screaming in pain?
how does it make you feel when i close my eyes so tight, that this voice in my head is ripping our photograph?

by:robn jane



Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 08:57:24 am

never let your heart get rip into, its just a waste of time, slowly when you build your self back but you notice a missing puzzle piece is missing from your heart, maybe the person has it or you have it hiding in your dark soul oF hopes and dreams. but where ever it is there someone waiting witha piece of that puzzle that well go in that place to re-feel your life, i'm missing a puzzle piece and im still waiting.


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my breath is weak
the sky is felled with screams
i can feel pain with every racket when i blink
i see my arms, the line isn't perfect
the wind blows hard with a whistle so loud
as the thunder starts inside my head
the leafs hit my body, they turn red as
i step on them they crumble with my puzzle heart
my sky blue eyes turn gray as i'm sad
i'm cold, my body falls to one side every time i speak
the dark clouds hold me while my heart hangs to the last beat
its bad enough i use a knife to show the world that i love you
my tears fall quick like the rain outside my life
now its heavy on my body
i scream along with the thunder
in a flash i stop with the rain
its a miracle that i'm alive to say
i'm not ashamed of the person i am today.



Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 04:48:19 pm

when you get your heart broken you should never let them walk all over you. Kinda hard for me, he calling me names and other shit, now here i am trying not to cry but i guess my life was ment for this. so please dont let anyone break your heart.



Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 10:45:01 pm

i'm just a little different but we all are, i'm a girl with a broken heart and i need someone to fix it soon as they can... Today i fix too ppl up now there happy, i always fix ppl but never fix myself why is that? I need some one that understands me just a little bit. I'm different please forgive fo that but at least i know how to make some laugh. Ight ppl i hope u like what i wrote.
xo JANE xo

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