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Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 10:45:01 pm

i'm just a little different but we all are, i'm a girl with a broken heart and i need someone to fix it soon as they can... Today i fix too ppl up now there happy, i always fix ppl but never fix myself why is that? I need some one that understands me just a little bit. I'm different please forgive fo that but at least i know how to make some laugh. Ight ppl i hope u like what i wrote.
xo JANE xo


  1. i like what you wrote becuase the same thing happens to me like i can help evryone of my friends and there problems and i can work on there relationships but i can't have a relationship for myself becuase no one wants to give me a chance and when i do have a chance they just use me to get what they want. so there you have it me and you have some things in common

    Comment by NICEGUY18 [Member] — 08/11/05 @ 18:07

  2. nobody can fix your heart for you. you have to realize on your own that the majority of people in the world are...well...bad, or at least bad for YOU. that doesn't mean that you can't love and trust ANYBODY. it simply means you have to protect your heart and mind. the only way to do that is to know who you are. try to remember that God made you, and you're here for a reason. that sometimes doesn't make people feel any better, cause a lot of people NEVER feel like they figured out what that reason was. but, i don't think the Creator of all things just sits around makin crap all day either. so if you're important enough for Him to care about, if you're so important that Jesus died for YOU as well as every one else, then YOU DON'T HAVE TO APPOLOGIZE TO ANY HUMAN THAT DOESN'T LIKE WHO YOU ARE. once you realize that, you'll be much happier already. but i do understand that having a loving relationship with a person is important to feeling complete. well, ??? most of us are waiting for 'the one.' they may be out there, or we might have already missed them. who knows. all i can say, is when you find someone who loves you for all that you are, good and bad, that's someone you don't let go of. PERIOD.

    Comment by basscleff [Member] — 08/12/05 @ 16:07

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