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Like a Bee to Honey

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 05:10:22 pm

Hi all, This week I'm looking for some tips from you. I've decided I'm in need of a little lovin' in my life - someone to adore me, love me, idolise me, shower me with pressies, listen to my problems, provide sensible solutions and fuck me silly whenever I want. The guys I've met lately are as boring as batshit. I wanna know where there's a smorgasbord of hot, warm-hearted, life-smart and stimulating guys - if such a thing exists.

Where you gals are meetin' your guys, and where are you hot, warm-hearted, life-smart, stimulating guys hangin' out?

If you happen to be in Melbourne, all the better. While this little bee will go out of her way to meet a sweet honey, don't know that she can buzz half way across the world at the mo. But, wherever you are on the planet, tell me where you met yours and I'll gravitate my pretty tail to similar places. Where's best?

Please don't tell me to get on with my life and the right thing'll happen at the right time. I already get on with my life. Please hurry before I'm forced to go wing it to the shopping centre, sit on Santa's lap and find out if there's anything interesting under that fluffy red suit.

Oh and BTW, no need to fill in your URL and all that if you don't want. If, like me, you're a bit of a technological retard, so be it. Some of us are simply better at the finer things in life - like lovin'. Juji x


  1. The best places to meet depends on what you are into. Sporting events, health clubs, or the dog park are good ones. I have met alot of cute and interesting guys at the dog park...they seem relaxed and obviously are into pooches. Whatever you not travel in large packs of girls. I think your better off approaching a larger group of guys if you are just with one other friend. This way they have to fight over you...the guy gets bragging rights if you select him for a date. He feels he has won something and is better looking than his mates.

    Comment by Lisa Lang [Visitor] — 11/29/05 @ 15:58

  2. you know another good place to meet guys? anywhere. just tell the dude you feel like doing it later and they'll be totally down to hang out

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 11/29/05 @ 18:20

  3. Hang out at the arrivals section of the airport...catch them as they get off the plane. What guy would miss out on a chance of hanging out with a hot Aussie chick.

    Comment by Mike [Visitor] — 11/30/05 @ 11:08

  4. What about the grocery store in the frozen food section. Tell the guy you know how to heat up his kitchen without using the oven.

    Comment by Coco [Visitor] — 11/30/05 @ 11:10

  5. The best place to meet a lot of guys in one place? Where else?... A strip joint.

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/03/05 @ 11:06

  6. The best place to meet a lot of guys in one place? Where else?... A strip joint.

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/03/05 @ 11:08

  7. The best place to meet a lot of guys in one place? Where else?... A strip joint.

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/03/05 @ 11:11

  8. The best place to meet a lot of guys in one place? Where else?... A strip joint.

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/03/05 @ 11:11

  9. It's like a bee to money.

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/03/05 @ 11:20

  10. Forget the safety net once in a while. You'll see the same Jackasses at the Topless Bar as you see at the frozen food section of the Supermarket. Capish?

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/04/05 @ 20:39

  11. U mean to say half the population are jackasses? I know several guys that aren't. Maybe it depends on your perspective.

    Comment by Juji [Visitor] — 12/04/05 @ 23:17

  12. Yes it does. Although, the guys you know are still in training... But let not your heart be troubled as you will be fine.

    Comment by Wierdo [Visitor] — 12/05/05 @ 12:58

  13. Mmmm...I'm curious to know about guys that aren't in training. Please elaborate.

    And, yeah, my heart's doin' just fine - love doesn't just have to come from a romantic relationship - it's everywhere if you're open to it

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 12/06/05 @ 18:50

  14. Love is battlefield. The guys that are not in training are the ubiquitous... "Nice Guys". If someone tells you 'let your heart not be troubled'... don't fight it and get an attitude... Just embrace it.

    Comment by Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer [Visitor] — 12/07/05 @ 00:59

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