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New Years Eve Kisses

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:13:27 pm

Given the time of year, I've been having thoughts about New Years Eve - and unless you live on another planet, who could help it. To put it bluntly, it gives me the utter shits. It's a royal pain in the arse, with all this huge build up and pressure to have a wonderful bloody time in a drunken stupor. If you do, great but I reckon many people end up disappointed 'cos they don't meet up with the expectation.

A girlfriend asked me what was wthe best NYE I'd ever had - and boy did I have to think about it - none of them were terribly memorable - except one I spent with a good gay friend on the top of a hill by the beach with a bottle of good bubbles.

And what about all the kissing at midnight? Do you guys and gals go for all the saliva exchanging with strangers or do you hate it? I personally don't mind a good pash now and again, except when drunken slobs use it as an excuse to stick their tongue too far down your throat.

I wasn't gonna tell you what I did this NYE. It's a bit embarrassing, but hey what the hell. I'm in a pretty sleepy seaside town called Anglesea. It is divine, but NYE is no big deal, with most of the festivities taking place 30 minutes up the road at Lorne. I thought I'd have a quiet one, was moseying around town with a girlfriend, and noticed a duo singing a few numbers under a tent by the river. I go "OK, so we'll give it a go". We want back to the hol house, grabbed a rug and my favourite new drink (Choc-Whip Smoothie - 15% alcohol), and settled in for a night of soulful sounds and cool vibes - only to discover the duo belonged to a Christian Association and sang to us about Jesus. Jesus! Respectful of all people's beliefs I am, but me sitting there listening to Jesus songs on NYE was enough to make we wanna chew my arm off. Needless to say, we packed up, left, finished the bottle of smoothie and called it a night.

Given mine was rather dull, I wanna hear about your NYE - either this one or others. I need to get my fun somehow, even if its through you. Juji x


  1. Sweet Jesus! I almost killed myself until I saw that you had a worse New Years Eve then I did...

    Comment by Single Person [Visitor] — 01/03/06 @ 12:52

  2. Hey Single, That's exactly my point - if we don't have the most fantabulous time of our lives on this one pissy little night, we end up suicidal. I am curious though, what did or didn't you get up to?

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 01/06/06 @ 15:19

  3. I fell asleep watching the Twighlight Zone Marathon... Ah hell, I guess mine was worse. Darn it!

    Comment by Single Person [Visitor] — 01/07/06 @ 18:02

  4. Twilight Zone marathons and Jesus singers! Come on guys, both Single and I need some of your NYE stories, so we can live voyueristically through you.

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 01/08/06 @ 21:23

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