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Le Femme Fatale

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:32:02 pm

After being on somewhat of a fitness frenzy for the last month or so, I'm feeling pretty great. I've been doing quite a strenuous form of yoga three or four times a week, walking every day and getting into the surf whenever possible. As I tone up, what's really hitting home is the magic of the human body. After a few weeks of concerted effort, which has actually been a lot of fun, my energy levels are up, I've lost weight and I'm really starting to feel the strength in my body. Which brings me to this week's topic - the female form.

We humans tend to spend so much time living in our ever-thinking heads, it's easy to forget how to live fully in one's body and appreciate it for its cleverness and beauty. If you get the chance, take a close look at Renoir's paintings of the female body - they are mesmerising. It seems that while he painted he may have been thinking about how the soft, curvy body might feel to touch, rather than how it might look.

So, I'm making a pretty good discovery - that I actually like my own body. Mine surely isn't perfect, but I now know it doesn't need to be. What it achieves in one day is really quite amazing. It also seems to have an intelligence of its own. I'm not much of a drinker but I had a beer the other day while watching the Men's Singles Australian Open. While it went down okay, my clever little bod protested quick smart and made me chuck it up just as quick smart - and no I hadn't drunk a dozen, just one.

So I'm thinking about what it is about the female body that makes it so appealing. Sure, the male body has its own beauty too, but I might tackle that one once I've had a fresh experience of what it's like to touch. Do women love and appreciate their bodies, or are they locked up in a bitter and never-ending battle with it? Do you like and accept certain parts, but not the whole lot? What do guys, in particular, like about the female form? Over the next week, whether you're male or female, if you take a close look at a woman just while taking the bus or something (and I'm not talking about staring gapingly at her main bits), see if you can notice any specific things about the female body that make it so enticing - the way the hair falls, the expression in the eyes, the shape of the legs and so on. Please be discreet. If you get told where to get off, don't come crying to me. If you want to, maybe we'll do the male body next week - in the meantime, I'll work on getting myself some work experience. Juji x


  1. I do like suprises! That painting will make an excellent screensaver for me... Juji you are too much!

    Comment by The American Genius [Visitor] — 01/31/06 @ 10:39

  2. The last 10 years or so there has been way too much emphasis placed on the female arse. And as much as I enjoy that... It is a woman's eyes, nose and mouth that men fall in love with. Yes, we like the brain too it's just we don't see it right away. I hope this doesn't sound too clinical but I am not trained in the art of writing in romantic tones.

    Comment by TAG [Visitor] — 02/01/06 @ 11:56

  3. I imagine Renoir would never have contemplated where images of his paintings would end up - yay to voluptuous screensavers! Glad to see too someone spells arse the way it was intended to be spelled. I agree with TAG that facial features are the most intriguing - they bring a person to life and the eyes can tell us more than a thousand words. Thanks for your comments and you really don't have to be a trained writer at all - spill it out, whichever way it comes out - although preferably not the way my beer came out.

    Comment by juji [Visitor] — 02/02/06 @ 01:44

  4. "I second the motion", me too! , I do surprise for what you have done..... that's really great!!! I admire you keep up the good work.

    Comment by Pooh [Visitor] — 02/02/06 @ 03:45

  5. Just want to let you all know I really appreciate your supportive comments. While I have done some terrific things with my writing over the last few years, I still fail to fully accept myself and my skills as a writer, so your timing couldn't be better. What is it with us humans? Imagine what we could achieve if we had 100% belief in our capacities - we're all a lot more amazing than we think we are.

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 02/02/06 @ 21:14

  6. Did exposing one of my vulnerabilities silence everyone? Mmmmm....interesting.

    Comment by Juji [Member] — 02/05/06 @ 02:50

  7. I think you are the bee's knees... I may go into hiding because methinks Linzalicious no like me. And she seems to be the Ring Leader of this Circus... But let not your heart be troubled!

    Comment by The American Genius [Visitor] — 02/05/06 @ 10:03

  8. Your blog make me chuckle from beginning to end^_^!! It sounds absolutely great to me. Your blog is my favorite one!

    Comment by Bob [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 14:53

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