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just a stupid poem

Filed under: Posts — janeisinsane187 @ 12:00:29 pm

how does it make you feel when i close my eyes?
holding on so tight when i know weakness fells your heart
i know your holding head high
as i close my eyes again praying that my life will not give up
my fears fall hard like rain
my life is not a promise, it was a mistake
as i close my eyes
i know this voice is pulling me down
how does it make you feel when i'm screaming in pain?
how does it make you feel when i close my eyes so tight, that this voice in my head is ripping our photograph?

by:robn jane


  1. This poem sound like a rock song. English is not my first language, but I like what you wrote.
    Maybe you should offer this (and other poems) to some rock bands. Try that and who knows, maybe you'll be famous.
    I know that is not what you want and that you are different but belive me, everythig is gonna be fine, you just need to wait (and I hate to wait!)
    Sending you a kiss from Europe.

    Comment by Sloba [Member] — 10/06/05 @ 06:15

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